Jobs With History Majors

Looking at ; History majors have a wide range of employment opportunities to choose from, including government, education, non-profit organizations, businesses, and law.

This article will explore the various job options available for history majors who are looking to pursue careers in any one of these fields. It will discuss the type of job roles that are available and the skills needed for them.

Additionally, it will provide an overview of some potential employers who may be interested in history graduates.

Finally, information about salary ranges associated with these jobs will also be discussed.

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Best Jobs With History Majors

Jobs With History Majors
Jobs With History Majors 4

#1. Government Jobs

Working in government offers a unique opportunity to engage with and shape policy at the local, state, and federal levels. For history majors, there are many opportunities for employment in government.

Foreign service roles can apply their knowledge of international affairs and historical context to help inform policy decisions. Additionally, historical preservation jobs are available which require an understanding and appreciation of the past.

Working with museums or community organizations to preserve artifacts or locations is an important part of preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

History majors also have an advantage when applying for positions involving research, analysis, and data compilation as they possess the necessary skills to be successful in these roles. This includes familiarity with primary sources such as manuscripts, photographs, documents, or maps that need to be interpreted correctly in order to provide accurate information about the past.

With this background, history majors can offer valuable insight when it comes time to make important decisions based on research findings or implement recommendations from their work.

With the right qualifications, a degree in history provides a wide range of job opportunities including those within the government sector. The ability to critically analyze information while considering global trends and historical events can be beneficial when making sound decisions that have implications today and into the future.

Moving on from here we will examine how pursuing higher education can further increase career prospects for those who majored in history.

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#2. Education Jobs

Employment opportunities for individuals with a background in the study of the past are vast, making educational attainment in this field a beneficial pursuit.

Those interested in history can pursue various degrees, such as Bachelor's or Master's degrees, which open up doors to many careers related to cultural heritage and digital archives.

For those who wish to work in education, there is an abundance of career options available. At the postsecondary level, individuals with a degree in history can become professors at universities and colleges. Professors teach courses about historical topics like ancient civilizations and world wars to students who have chosen to specialize in these areas of study.

Additionally, historians may also serve as researchers or curators at museums or other historical institutions where they organize artifacts from different time periods into exhibitions that help people learn more about the past.

Those who choose to enter education earlier on can become elementary or secondary school teachers by obtaining certification after their undergraduate studies. They will create lesson plans based on state-mandated curriculum standards while teaching students history through interactive activities such as debates and presentations.

Furthermore, those trained in history may also find employment outside of traditional schools as tutors or private instructors who offer courses on specific topics within the discipline of history.

With all these potential pathways available, it is no surprise that many people opt for pursuing educational opportunities when it comes to jobs with history majors.

#3. Non-profits

The richness of the past can be preserved and shared with others when individuals choose to pursue a career in non-profit organizations that specialize in historical research, preservation, and education.

Museum curation and archival research are two core roles for history majors employed by non-profits. These professionals work to identify and preserve artifacts, documents, and other materials that have historical significance for various cultural groups or communities.

This type of work is often done in close collaboration with professional historians who conduct research on the items collected from archives or museum collections.

Additionally, many non-profit organizations provide educational programs to their audiences so they can gain a better understanding of history through interactive activities such as workshops or lectures related to specific topics.

Non-profits offer a range of opportunities for history majors looking to gain experience in research, curation, and education. Depending on the organization's size and budget, these positions can range from part-time volunteer roles to full-time paid staff positions.

For example, larger organizations may require employees with more specialized skills such as archivists who are able to organize large amounts of data into a cohesive format. On the other hand, smaller organizations may need volunteers who are willing to assist with administrative tasks such as answering phone calls or managing social media accounts.

Regardless of the role an individual takes on within a non-profit organization, all opportunities allow them to contribute towards preserving important pieces of our collective past while also providing valuable educational experiences for their audiences.

In addition to working with historical materials directly related to their field of study, many history majors also take advantage of internships at nonprofits which provide an opportunity for them to hone their professional skills while gaining experience in areas such as fundraising or grant writing which could prove useful later in their careers regardless if it is within academia or another sector entirely.

Nonprofits are not only great places for those interested in pursuing meaningful work involving our shared culture but also serve as potential entry points into other types of employment opportunities due largely in part thanks to their ability to facilitate networking between individuals within the same industry.

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#4. Business

Businesses offer a range of opportunities for history majors to apply their knowledge and experience in research, curation, and education. Entrepreneurship is an attractive option for history majors who have an inclination toward taking risks and creating something new.

History majors can also explore digital marketing roles, using their understanding of the past to inform future decisions. Additionally, they are well-suited to roles that involve communication with internal and external stakeholders such as customer service or public relations.

History majors bring a unique perspective to businesses due to their ability to analyze and interpret data from different angles. They understand the context behind information and how it impacts decision-making processes.

Furthermore, their expertise in researching primary sources can help uncover facts about customers or markets that might be hidden from plain sight. This makes them valuable contributors in any industry where detailed analysis is required.

The skills gained through studying history are highly transferable into the business world, especially when combined with a strong and interest in learning new technologies.

History majors possess a level of creativity that allows them to think outside the box when researching solutions or coming up with innovative strategies for success. With these abilities at hand, they are well-equipped to take on meaningful roles within companies large and small alike.

#5. Law

Drawing on their extensive knowledge of the past, history majors can apply their skill set to a range of legal professions. Historical research and cultural heritage are two key elements that are beneficial for those pursuing a career in law.

The ability to analyze historical documents, draw upon precedent in court cases, and examine relevant evidence is essential for those looking to work within the legal field.

A history major has the potential to develop skills such as critical thinking, research methodologies, and communication techniques which are vital assets when entering into the legal profession.

This can be advantageous since it provides an understanding of how laws have evolved over time and what factors influenced them. Furthermore, having a deep understanding of culture can also help lawyers make informed decisions about cases involving cultural heritage or international law.

The application process for most law schools requires applicants to display strong writing skills and demonstrate exceptional analytical abilities; qualities that many history majors possess due to their academic training in researching primary sources and interpreting data from multiple perspectives.

History majors may also be able to use their experience with public speaking or debating as well as their knowledge of foreign languages to stand out from other applicants if they decide to pursue a career in international law or diplomacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job with a history major?

History majors have a number of career paths and graduate programs available to them. With a combination of critical thinking, research skills, and knowledge of the past, graduates with a history degree often find success in business, law, government, and education.

History majors have the opportunity to explore their passions and learn from those who have gone before them while gaining an understanding of how our world has changed over time. With so many possibilities open to them, history students can use their knowledge and skills to shape the future.

What are the best paying jobs for history majors?

A History major offers career paths in various professional networks. Depending on the chosen field, can be some of the most lucrative and rewarding available.

Professionals with a History degree can work in fields such as public relations, law, media, or education, among others.

The best-paying jobs are typically related to government positions or corporate consulting where they can leverage their knowledge of history and culture to advise organizations.

Additionally, there are opportunities in non-profit organizations that use their expertise to identify solutions for social issues.

Are there any special certifications I need to get a job with a history major?

Obtaining a job with a history major requires certain skills that potential employers look for.

It is important to have strong networking and interviewing techniques in order to stand out from other applicants.

Networking tips, such as actively engaging with contacts on social media and utilizing professional networks, can be beneficial when searching for jobs related to history majors.

Interview advice, like researching the company beforehand and having an appropriate level of confidence during the interview process, can also increase one's chances of success when applying for these types of positions.

What is the job market like for history majors?

The job market for history majors is varied and multifaceted.
Despite the common misconception that they are limited to teaching or archive work, research shows that approximately 30% of history graduates pursue a career in business.

Furthermore, over 15% of history, graduates go on to attend graduate school, while many more pursue careers in law, politics, journalism, or public service.

History majors have a wide variety of career paths open to them and can find success in any industry with their knowledge of past events and their ability to draw connections between them and current trends.

Are there any job opportunities specifically for history majors?

History majors have a wide variety of career paths to choose from, with opportunities to explore a range of industries.

Those who are interested in pursuing a job specifically for history majors should consider networking opportunities and researching potential employers.

As the demand for professionals knowledgeable in historical research grows, there is an increasingly large number of jobs available to those with knowledge in this field.

With the help of resources like job boards, internships, and professional organizations, it is possible to find employment opportunities that cater specifically to history majors.


History majors have a wealth of employment opportunities available to them. From government, education, non-profits, business, and law, history graduates can use their knowledge and skills to build successful careers.

In the government sector, history majors may take on roles such as archivists or historians for government agencies. Those interested in teaching can look towards both primary and secondary school positions or higher education institutions.

Non-profit organizations offer jobs related to fundraising, marketing, and advocacy that require background knowledge in the subject matter. History graduates can also find success in business by working with companies to understand customer needs and developing strategies for product development.

Last but not least, those who want to pursue law may find that their major provides an advantage when it comes to understanding precedents set by court cases throughout history. With these diverse pathways ahead of them, history majors are sure to find success if they stay true to their passion like a compass that always points north.

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