Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

What are the Best In The World? Before we answer all your questions, you need to know that there is always this attachment every motorcycle owner has with their bike.

This relationship with their bikes is similar to those who have pets. For this reason, when their bike spoils, they expect the mechanics to give ultimate care to it.

If you want to really become a motorcycle mechanic, you must be top-notch. But how do you get to that point where your skills are trusted with great motorcycle repair? Well, the answer is simple, try and attend the best motorcycle mechanic school near you.

Attending one of the best motorcycle mechanic schools will help build your resume to get the best job ever.

However, regardless of whether or not you own a motorcycle, you can still learn some skills that would go a long way in generating income and reducing costs.

All you need is an interest in becoming a motorcycle mechanic, so you can start looking for online motorcycle repair courses. It won't take long to fix the breakdowns, and others will also hire your services.

This article will help you explore some of the best motorcycle mechanics schools and online motorcycle repair courses. Ultimately, you should also be able to settle for one that matches your search for a new skill.

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Table of contents

What Does a Motorcycle Mechanic Do?

I believe you should at least know what a motorcycle mechanic does; this will give you an edge when you start your study. A motorcycle mechanic is also known as a motorcycle or maintenance technician.

In a more simpler terms, a motorcycle mechanic ensures that the motorcycles he maintains are in good working order and safe.

These technicians can work with various bike types, from custom helicopters and touring editions to high-powered racing bikes and off-road motorcycles.

Also, many mechanics work more than just bikes. They often have the skills to work on ATVs, snowmobiles, personal jet skis, and other motor vehicles that run on small engines.

Above all, technicians can find work at motorcycle repair shops, dealers, manufacturers, racing teams, and salvage yards. Depending on where they work and the level of experience they have, their daily tasks may include the following:

  • Testing of ignition timing, generator output, and engine performance.
  • Diagnosis of electrical or mechanical problems.
  • Inspect and test faulty components.
  • Discuss diagnosed problems, parts and labor required, and estimated costs with customers.
  • Repair or replacement of broken parts
  • Perform routine maintenance (for example, replacing spark plugs, changing oil, lubricating parts, etc.)
  • Scraping carbon build-up from pistons, valves, cylinders, and other parts
  • Performing complete engine overhauls
  • Welding of breaks or tears in motorcycle frames
  • Fitting of custom accessories on new motorcycles.
  • Complete documents for insurance guarantees or repairs

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Do I Need To Attend A Motorcycle Mechanic School to Become a Motorcycle Mechanic?

The answer is yes! To become a motorcycle mechanic, you need a high school diploma or GED certificate and training in motorbike maintenance.

You can earn your mechanic qualifications through certification and diploma programs at a technical school or community college.

What are the Qualifications to Get into a Motorcycle Mechanic School?

The qualifications you need to enter a motorcycle mechanic school vary from school to school.

For example, most motorcycle repair schools have a minimum GPA requirement in high school, while some may only require a high school diploma or GED.

Also, most motorcycle mechanic schools require students to have an eligible driver's license, which is good if you plan to work on automobiles in general!

Eventually, some schools may require an interview as part of their admission process. Be sure to contact your desired motorcycle technician school to make sure you know what you need to participate.

Certification Requirements

In most states, you don't need formal skills to be a mechanic who works on motorcycles. But it's always best to check with the state you plan to work to make sure.

Some states have requirements, and employers often encourage mechanics to take a formal to learn the basics.

For example, some states, such as Michigan and Hawaii, require motorcycle mechanics to obtain a special state license or certification before working for the public. Obtaining state certification generally involves paying fees and passing a written exam.

As with most mechanical programs, you can earn various awards or certifications when you finish motorcycle repair school. Most motorcycle mechanic schools only offer training at the certificate level.

There are Level 1 and Level 2 certifications that are awarded as more specialized training to lead or accompany a more general associate degree. At the same time, some motorcycle technician schools will offer an associate degree in motorcycle mechanics.

Both options are great, although one may be more suitable for you than the other. If you know, you only want to work on a motorcycle; the associate degree is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you don't know if you'll want to work on motorcycles forever, a general degree in automotive technology with a certificate in motorcycle mechanics might be the best! Keep this in mind when choosing a motorcycle technician school.

Then you become a certified motorcycle mechanic by completing a special motorcycle repair training workshop through top brands like Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Some employers even pay to send their mechanics to these workshops.

In addition to training qualifications, a motorcycle mechanic must have at least a high school diploma and a driver's license to start.

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How Long is Motorcycle Mechanic School?

The time it takes to become a motorcycle mechanic varies from student to student and from each motorcycle mechanic school, as each has different learning and teaching styles.

Becoming certified full-time will take 1 to 2 years of motorcycle mechanics training. If you take the learning path, it may take even longer to become fully certified, but you will always be working.

Whether you earn a certificate or diploma, you will need at least 1 to 2 years of on-the-job training to be considered for a job.

Motorcycle Mechanic School Cost

Program costs vary by type of school, location, quality of school facilities, and degree issued. Most programs award a diploma or certificate, but some grant an associate degree.

Therefore, motorcycle mechanic school costs between $3,000 and $25,000 or more, depending on your chosen program.

As with many things, it will vary depending on the school you attend and your situation. Regardless of scholarships, the motorcycle repair school can cost between $3,000 and $25,000.

Some of the best motorcycle technician schools will likely offer more costs, such as tools, safety equipment, uniform workshop suits, etc.

Please note that many student scholarships and grants range from the cost of the motorcycle technician; we even have our own grant for aspiring mechanics!

As part of this cost, you can benefit from the following:

  • Safety shoes
  • Gloves and welding cap
  • Safety glasses
  • Buy jumpsuits or blouses
  • Tools

Various parts and other supplies as needed for different projects.
Please note that financial aid is generally available to those who qualify.

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What to Expect in Motorcycle Technical School

Like most types of mechanical work, being a motorcycle technician can be difficult on the body. If, historically, you have not had the physical ability to work with your hands and stand most of the time, this will be your first step.

It is important to be physically capable before starting a motorcycle technician school. Therefore, you are not spending the time and money needed for motorcycle repair school and cannot use long-term training.

In today's motorcycle mechanic training, there are a few key things to remember. As stated above, the motorcycle mechanics school will include much hands-on training.

Many schools will offer two types of motorcycle technician programs; general motorcycle repair and specialized motorcycle repair programs. The general program is necessary because it lays the foundation for everyone else.

From there, you will see specialized programs that focus on specific manufacturers like Harley Davidson or Ducati.

Therefore, you can stop after general motorcycle mechanic training and work on many bikes. Still, specialized mechanics often find it easier to find a job and can often demand higher wages.

Make sure you know what specialties your motorcycle mechanics school offers so that you can get the training you need.

Ranking the Best Motorcycle Mechanic School

A good number of schools all over the world do offer Motorcycle mechanics training, but knowing the best is what really matters.

With this purpose in mind, we have made a list of the 15 Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the World today. We will be stating full details of our ranking criteria.

Ranking Methodology

In this school review, we will consider several factors in selecting the Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the World. They include the following:

  • Number of Programs: These are one important criterion for ranking the best Schools for Motorcycle Mechanic. Because some of these schools can have a good number of programs they offer which will avail you a lot of options to choose from.
  • Accreditation: This criterion is very important because a school can be cheap yet not have quality. So, we consider the accreditation and certification body for each of these schools before ranking them. Whether they fall in the category of regional or national accreditation.
  • Acceptance Rate: This aspect is considered important because the lower the acceptance rate, the better the school.
  • Graduation & Employment Rate: Here, we consider if these schools have a high tendency to graduate their students. Some can get enrolled but get stuck at the end. Also, we consider whether school graduates are employable by great institutions. These factors are equally very important.

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Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the World

Motorcycle Mechanic Schools
13 Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools In The World | Updated Rankings 4

If you habitually search the keyword ‘motorcycle mechanic school near me,' here is a list of the Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the World.

1. Harley-Davidson at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute – Universal Technical Institute

Duration: 24 weeks

Officially, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute has provided Harley-Davidson dealers with trained technicians since 1983.

MMI is the only technician training school offering a 24-week Harley-Davidson-specific elective program aligned with Harley-Davidson University.

In addition, graduates have 12 months of work experience under the Harley-Davidson field recognition program after graduation and are qualified to work at an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

Also, students can earn Harley-Davidson University Ph.D. (Harley-Davidson Professional) course credits for vehicle and chassis maintenance and electrical diagnostics.

Training also includes the opportunity to qualify for an advanced internship as part of the Harley-Davidson Technician Recognition Program.

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2. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Pheonix – Universal Technical Institute

Address: 2844 West Deer Valley Road Phoenix, AZ 85027

For those in Arizona, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute will be the perfect answer to the search, ‘motorcycle mechanic schools near me.'

The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in Phoenix, Arizona, prepares you with the basic skills for a career as a mechanical technician for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and jet skis.

At MMI, you will begin your motorcycle school training with a strong program that combines classroom preparation and hands-on experience.

Most importantly, the Motorcycle Technician Prerequisite covers the key components of motorcycle technology and is the foundation for your professional development.

In addition, you can follow one of the two core programs and then specialize with one or more options.

You will receive hands-on training in our advanced laboratories and work with the technology found in the field.

Above all, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute's (MMI) core programs provide graduates with the basic knowledge they need to prepare for a motorcycle technician career.

Finally, students who complete the core program move on to manufacturer-specific electives showcasing the motorcycle industry's top brands.

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3. Motoring Technical Training Institute – MTTI's Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician Program

Address: 1241 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA

MTTI's Motorcycle / Powered Equipment Technician Program offers students in-depth motorcycle maintenance and repair training.

By taking hands-on courses at MTTI, gain invaluable experience working with motorcycles and many small engine systems.

At MTTI, we train you to become a complete and competent motorcycle and small engine maintenance technician.

While attending MTTI's MTTI Motorcycle / Technical Program, you will spend hundreds of hours getting your hands dirty, and gaining experience working on small engine systems!

The work you do in class is completely necessary to become a competent and proficient technician on motorcycles or motorized equipment. Still, at MTTI, they emphasize the importance of learning by doing.

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4. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida – Universal Technical Institute

Address: 9751 Delegates Drive Orlando, FL 32837

If you are passionate about motorcycles and want to prepare for a cycling career, MMI Motorcycle Orlando is your business school. Not only is it the best, but the incredible weather in Orlando and the stunning nearby coastal rides are perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts.

As a bonus, MMI is minutes from all of Orlando's world-famous attractions, including theme parks, water parks, boating, and professional sports.

Above all, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in Orlando has advanced instructors, facilities, tools, and technology to help you prepare for a career in the motorcycle industry.

You will get to know a motorcycle, an ATV, side by side, a snowmobile, and a jet ski as you train in vehicles for each season.

This motorcycle mechanic school located in Orlando will be the best fit for prospective students.

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5. Cedar Valley College – Motorcycle Technology Certificate

Address: 3030 N. Dallas Ave. Lancaster, TX 75134

Specifically, this program is designed to train students to meet entry-level requirements in motorcycle mechanics. This will mostly include diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining foreign and domestic motorcycles.

Also, this program includes the study of fuel, ignition, and electrical systems, overhaul, and tuning of the engine and chassis of the motorcycle. Throughout the program, the focus is on the latest factory-recommended techniques.

Since not all courses in this program are transferable, students who enroll and plan to transfer to a four-year institution should consult with an advisor regarding transfer requirements.

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6. River Bend Career and Technical Center – Automotive Technology Program

Address: 36 Oxbow Drive Bradford, VT 05033

Suppose you choose to study at River Bend. In that case, it's important you know that careers in the River Bend Automotive Technology Program require attention to the latest technology and the provision of excellent service and repair.

With the support of our N.A.T.E.F. Certified automotive program, students diagnose and repair engines, brakes, steering, electrical systems, and suspensions.

Above all, the articulation agreements between River Bend and Northwestern Ohio University guarantee higher education and advanced study opportunities beyond high school.

Most importantly, their fully equipped auto shop accommodates nine service vehicles simultaneously, providing daily hands-on training with industry-recognized instructions.

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7. Chippewa Valley Technical College – Automotive Maintenance Technician Program

Address: 620 W. Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701

The automotive industry is evolving as consumers demand vehicles that offer better mileage, higher safety ratings, higher performance, comfort, and style. CVTC's one-year service program will provide you with basic auto repair training.

You will explore a variety of techniques for maintaining and repairing automobiles. This program will give you detailed knowledge of all vehicle components and diagnostic equipment.

Hence, if you continue your studies, you will have completed the first year of the two-year program and can enroll in the second year.

To enroll in the two-year auto technician program, you must first take all courses in the self-service technician program.

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8. Alexandria Technical & Community College – Marine, Motorcycle, & Powersports Technician Program

Address: 495 North Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021

Alexandria Technical and Community College is a motorcycle school located in Georgia. The diverse training in this program prepares graduates for the repair of lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, outboards/outboards, ATVs, jet skis, and motorcycles.

The first and second years last two semesters with an internship at a dealership at the end of the first year. College days are six hours, with an average of two hours in the classroom and four hours in the store.

Class time is spent on theory, proper procedures, and security. These practices are applied and developed in the store. The following manufacturers provide support for the Marine Mechanics and Small Engine Program:

  • Polar Star
  • Stihl
  • Bull
  • Volvo Penta
  • Yamaha
  • Arctic Cat
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • BRP
  • Kohler
  • Harley Davidson

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9. Canadian Valley Technology Center – Automotive Technician at El Reno Campus

Address: 6505 E Highway 66 El Reno, OK 73036

CV Tech's Automotive Service Technology program is a NATEF-certified program focusing on diagnosing and repairing cars and trucks. Including current computer-controlled models.

Most importantly, students learn the following systems: brakes, steering and suspension, electricity, heating, and air conditioning.

As well as automatic transmission, manual transmission and transmission, engine repair, and performance.

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10. Georgia Piedmont Technical College – Automotive Technology Associates Degree Program

Address: 495 North Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021

An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Automotive Technology at Georgia Piedmont Technical College is a two-year degree commonly issued by technical colleges. AAS study programs take 18 to 24 months to complete.

Also, AAS degrees are available in many fields, leading to many opportunities. Some students continue their studies and use their associate diploma to earn their bachelor's degree. In many areas, an AAS degree is enough for a rewarding career.

In addition, there is a diploma course in motorcycle service technology.

The program emphasizes a combination of mechanical theory and practical experience. This program includes courses on motorcycle engines, chassis, electrical, and fuel systems and internship experience.

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11. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Automotive Technician

Address: 505 Pine Ridge Drive Shell Lake, WI 54871-8727

If you like technology and problem-solving, you may find a career as an automotive technician rewarding. You must equip yourself with relevant knowledge by attending one of the best motorcycle technical schools to make the best of it.

Today, cars are no longer just mechanical. Many like to drive from one place to another on a high-tech machine, but vehicle maintenance and repair are no longer within reach of most owners. Turn your passion for the car into a stimulating career.

With an emphasis on hands-on experience, you will learn essential service techniques in the Automotive Technician Program, including testing, repairing, and rebuilding basic automotive systems.

Coursework will prepare you to diagnose and repair problems in engines, transmissions, brakes, electrical systems, steering, suspension, transmission systems, and basic, hybrid, and alternative diesel systems.

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12. College of Western Idaho – Automotive Technology

Address: Nampa Campus Academic Building 5500 E

If the sound of an engine makes your heartbeat, CWI's automated technical program calls for it. Basically, the technicians will tell you that the best education is the one that gives you a great experience. This is what makes our program so unique.

In the first year, you will learn all automotive systems, including brakes, fuel injection, and electronic controls.

As well as automatic transmissions, on-board diagnostic and scanning equipment, and the latest computer systems. Then the second year is completely dedicated to the experience. You will learn on the job.

The second year covers engine performance, automatic transmissions/transaxles, heating, and cooling. As well as using analytical tools, laboratory glasses, and other advanced diagnostic tools.

Finally, the internship is where students can have the opportunity to work in an industry repair shop to make their dreams come true.

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13. Washtenaw Community College – Automotive Service Technology (APASRV)

Address: 4800 E. Huron River DriveAnn Arbor, MI

This associate degree program prepares students for employment in a technical position related to the automotive industry or as a certified automotive technician. Students will diagnose and repair dysfunctions in:

  • automotive engines
  • suspensions and steering systems
  • brakes
  • electrical and electronic systems
  • engine handling problems

This program also offers opportunities to explore performance and participate in high-performance vehicle construction.

The program prepares students for the Michigan State Mechanics Certification Tests and the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exams.

It is a high-demand, high-skill, and high-salary program as defined by the Michigan Community College Network.

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Best Online Motorcycle Technician Schools

With modern test equipment, software, and increasingly complex and sophisticated systems, motorcycle repair specialists must stay up-to-date on some of the latest technologies.

Many choose to develop the experience they need in an online training program for motorcycle mechanics.

Most online motorcycle mechanic schools require a commitment of one year or less. These highly specific programs teach the basics of motorcycle testing, diagnosis, repair, and maintenance.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), motorcycle mechanics can expect a 4% growth in their field by 2024.

Penn Foster Career School – Online Motorcycle Mechanic School

Address: 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515, USA

If you want to learn how to become a motorcycle mechanic or work on your motorcycle, Penn Foster Career School is the place to start. Earn your career diploma as a motorcycle repair technician at home and at the best pace for you.

Most importantly, this program includes a work experience option, which allows you to gain field experience related to your program and career goals.

In addition, Penn Foster Career School can help you learn how to repair and maintain your motorcycle. Or it can help you take the first step toward a new job as a motorcycle mechanic.

Above all, there are many job openings for motorcycle mechanics, including motorcycle repair shops, dealers, marinas, sporting goods stores, and more. In 2016, the average annual salary for a motorcycle mechanic was $37,040.

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Stratford Career Institute – Online ATVs and Motorcycle Repair Program

Address: 495 North Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021

If you're looking for one of the best motorcycle technician schools, Stratford Career Institute is the go-to school.

At Stratford, the focus areas of this program are tools, safety, configuration (for four and two-stroke engines), modern repair technology, and basic engine operation.

Specifically, this is a course, but the establishment has not yet obtained accreditation. However, it should be noted that Stratford is a member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education.

As well as the EE Distance Learning Association in the USA and the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education. You can start today after completing the online registration; remember that the course is flexible.

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Ashworth College – Online Entry-Level Motorcycle Mechanic

Another online motorcycle repair course where you can get a certificate is the one offered by Ashworth College.

Whether you want to turn a hobby into a career or you are a motorcycle enthusiast, this is a complete course where you will learn, among other things, engine repair, general motorcycle maintenance skills, replacement of drive parts, and diagnostics.

Ashworth College is certified by the Distance Learning Commission and the Higher Education Council. The program is flexible. Therefore, students can access the course material day and night.

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Dan's MC Motorcycle Repair Course Online

Dan's MC online course has helped over 2 million people learn motorcycle repair skills. It is a free online learning platform that has offered large-scale courses for 11 years.

You can choose from fuel, repair, electricity, and frame categories. Each offers a complete learning experience.

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FAQs on the Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools


As mentioned above, if you want to become a successful motorcycle mechanic, you must attend the Best Motorcycle Mechanic School in the World.

Most importantly, we have made our latest Motorcycle Mechanic Schools rankings, which are top-notch. Also, we included that offer Motorcycle Mechanic Programs.

Do well to apply now!


I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

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