Luxury Travel on a Budget: Tips And Tricks

Have you experienced before? You probably picture overpriced seaplanes, expensive tours of art galleries, or even visits to the world's most luxurious and tastefully decorated houses when someone speaks about luxury .

But is it really impossible to travel like a celebrity if you don't have a celeb bank account?

No, and in this article we provide you with some most effective tips you can use to plan your luxury travel trip, but with a modest budget. Where exactly to go, how to book your accommodation at the best prices, and what means of transport to choose?

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Tips for a Luxury Travel on a Budget

Luxury Travel on a Budget
Luxury Travel on a Budget: Tips And Tricks 2

Choosing The Right Destination

Most importantly, pick a destination that offers luxury for less. A global network of Instagrammers and bloggers can provide a good sense of which places correspond to your lifestyle.

Choose a destination that offers luxury experiences but at a low price, perhaps because it has a low cost of living or because it attracts fewer tourists than other places.

I often travel off-season to find more affordable luxury travel options because I don't want to be around crowds of tourists who make it difficult to connect with locals in the places that I visit.

There are alternative more diverse, high-end luxury destinations, check them out. These places may not be top of the radar but can accommodate you to the same luxury you would experience in the most popular destinations at a cheaper rate.

Do some research if you are a person leading a luxurious life and try to stay at places that are really upcoming.

You can actually spend more days at someplace thinking that you're riding on cheap and you're lucky. If budget is not going to be a problem look for places that are known to offer the same luxury at a cheap cost.

Observing the overall expense for the travel in full means not only finding a reasonable destination where you can hunt for prizes but also locating the place that offers value for the money spent on accommodations, transportation, food, and other activities.

Consider the overall expense of the travel in full and how much money you would be spending.

After this, look for the destination where these expenses can be affordable, and where you will be able to experience the luxury you're looking for while not burning a hole in your wallet.

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Finding Affordable Accommodation

Look for accommodation packages early on in your trip, and don't shy away from booking luxury accommodation at cheap rates due to early bookings.

You can also staying in hostels, a guesthouse, or even a vacation rental, which may provide you with similar facilities as an expensive hotel at a much cheaper price.

Sites like,, and others offer loyalty programs that allow you to accumulate points or badges for every booking made on their websites.

An American AAA membership enables one to book accommodation at discounted rates at over 57,000 luxury hotels in the US and Canada, while companies such as Priceline, Hotwire, and Expedia specialize in luxurious travel on a budget.

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Transportation On A Budget

A big share of your travel budget can go toward transportation, so planning your travel transport wisely can help you cut costs.

Book cheap airlines or take advantage of last-minute flight salesBooking flights with budget airlines can be a great way to minimize transportation expenses.

Budget airlines often sell flight tickets for less than regular carriers, especially when fares are on sale or you book tickets well in advance.

Another easy adjustment to trim costs is using public transportation like buses and metros whenever possible instead of taking taxis. Sometimes these may not be easily accessible, but they can be a fine way to explore a new city (as well as potentially cheaper).

Ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft can also be a good choice, especially if you have a group traveling together and you can divide up the cost.

Trains and buses are cheaper than planes when you are traveling for long distances. Also, when you are traveling for pleasure, you get a beautiful view. Moreover, many countries have a discount card for trains and buses, so it is cheaper to use a train or bus pass.

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Dining And Activities

And where there is food with drinks and activities, you are talking a pretty penny suddenly, especially spending much of it in a foreign country.

For the really flash lux experience, there are definitely steeper costs that are worth every dollar, like the anticipated $500+ purchase of a Next Hotel discounted one-day entry ticket for entertainment in Sydney.

Luxury experience and luxury goods are not limited to exuberant spending, especially not when on vacation.

Find a local market or order some street food, and you might enjoy some of the most luxurious food, at a fraction of the cost of dining in a restaurant and still savor the exotic touch. Walk in and revel in art, free history, or nature attractions.

Many museums offer free entrance on certain days of the week or month, discounted universal passes for the city's locations, and walking tours that most importantly come at little or no cost if you have the patience to wait in line.

Download and use travel apps and websites that offer frequent flyer miles, premium headspace upgrades, and luxury room discounts on these sites.

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Local Tips And Tricks

When you're traveling on a budget, local tips and tricks become much bigger factors than if you were staying in lush hotels and dining at Michelin-starred restaurants.

If you want to get the most out of your money when you travel, your best bet is to experience local-centric luxury: local art images and design products, local music, or being shown outstanding restaurants, shops, and experiences by locals.

Perhaps the easiest and often most fruitful way to get a heads-up from locals is to simply speak to people wherever you go a cafe, a market, a town square, a park – and ask them where they like to eat, if there's a place only locals know about, or what museums, galleries or other activities can be done for a pittance.

Generally speaking, people like to share their advice with travelers.

I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

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