How To Find Cheap Flights

is big business. The airline industry in the US alone transports six billion passengers every year. Unfortunately, flying requires spending money, and cheap flights can be hard to come by. So, now, someone is asking .

Fortunately, for those of us who value our comfort, there are tricks to strike a balance between how we spend our money and the quality of those flights. The key is to plan ahead.

This article will give you some useful tips and tricks to enable you to buy those cheap flights before someone else gets to them.

From being flexible about the time of your departures, to signing up for loyalty programs and credit cards that earn you reward points, these are the best strategies to help you get cheap flights AND be comfortable when getting there.

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Tips on How To Find Cheap Flights

How To Find Cheap Flights
How To Find Cheap Flights Without Sacrificing Comfort 4

Flexible Travel Dates

You need to take a flexible approach when you fly. For example, airlines sometimes set lower fares for some days of the week compared with others and lower fares may apply for flights during parts of the year when fewer people travel.

Travel at off-peak times like midweek and on occasions when fares are generally lower these are called ‘shoulder seasons'. Airlines normally provide lower prices during these times because there is less demand.

They try to persuade more people to travel to fill up seats available on their flights.

You can book great options and destinations but at a cheaper flight ticket. The best way to find flight deals is to take advantage of their flexibility. If you are flexible with your destination then it won't be hard to find deals.

For instance, when you have a fixed destination in your mind, you want to go specifically there and you look for train and air options for that only.

But the best way is to see the options and destinations from the map and be flexible with it. You can take advantage of the promotion or any deals that might be in the market.

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Use Flight Comparison Websites

A search engine for flights compares prices of different airlines and travel agencies. For example, if you need to book a flight from London to Istanbul, you can easily compare prices from different sources.

These websites build a database of prices provided by different online sources and show them to you to make an easy selection of which ticket to buy.

The big advantage of air price comparison sites is that you save time and effort.

You don't have to spend hours visiting different airline websites and travel agencies and find the most reasonable prices by yourself, you just enter your destination and date, and you'll find the available flights sorted by price.

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Sign Up For Alerts

You can set relevant price alertsThis means that, when a special deal on flights to a particular destination is offered, you would receive an email or text message from your chosen recipient (eg, an airline or travel website) informing you of this.

Especially for travelers who have flexible travel dates, such as a set week in December instead of a hard date, this can be a great way to wait on prices and jump on the lowest fare.

Set price alerts for the route you're watching and wait for the lowest price to jump on.

Consider Alternative Airports

This could involve flying to or from an alternative airport rather than your nearest main airport. Small airports generally have lower landing charges and this can lead to cheap flights for passengers.

Alternative airports are also less busy with fewer queues, leading to a more relaxing trip.

When considering alternative airports, think about the cost versus the additional time it would take you to travel. Sure, you might if you fly to a different, cheaper airport, but are you willing to spend more time traveling?

Do you have other transportation options that will get you closer to your destination? Will there be extra travel costs for you, like hiring a car to get to the airport?

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Travel Light

There are several benefits to traveling light such as saving money on luggage and being comfortable on your journey. Moreover, if you are packing less, you won't have any problems with excess weight and save money on luggage fees.

Traveling only with basic needs and without heavy or large items will help the traveler feel more comfortable throughout the journey.

Passing through airports and taking planes and buses is much easier if you carry less stuff or feel more comfortable while sitting, versus someone with extra weight on their shoulders.

Book Early Or Last Minute

You would get a cheap deal by booking your flight months in advance or by booking at the last minute. It's no secret that airlines usually sell tickets at a discounted rate early on to ensure the aircraft is filled up in advance.

Customers who plan earlier also avoid the hassle of finding seats at the last minute. Last-minute booking can also give you an edge on unsold seats as the aircraft is sent full or with as few empty seats as possible.

As stated above, passengers who decide to book in advance tend to seek out the best prices and get the best seats. As a consequence, passengers often book many months in advance if they would like to travel in order to secure the seats and prices they would like.

More specifically, passengers often travel at a specific date or period during the year and therefore make reservations many months in advance.

Moreover, booking flights months in advance enables passengers to have more flexibility in choosing the time of the flight and the flight route, which will allow them to arrange their travel accordingly.

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Use Loyalty Programs And Credit Card Points

You can save money on flights using a loyalty program or credit card points. Many airlines these days have what is called a ‘frequent flier' program that allows you to collect miles when you travel with them.

Once you have collected a certain number of miles, you can redeem them for a free or discounted flight.

In addition, some credit cards give rewards points that can be used to book flights or upgrade your seat. Sign up for frequent flier programs of airlines that you fly with regularly to earn miles on every flight you take with them.

You can eventually accumulate enough miles to book tickets for free or at reduced fees.

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