Summer Vacation

Are you planning a with your family? If so, odds are that you're looking for a perfect family destination for the summer.

In this guide, you'll learn about the top five such destinations, which offer a wide range of activities in astounding landscapes with resorts, that are designed to cater to your budget and family needs.

From the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the sunny and exotic beaches of the Bahamas, there's something for every type of travellers.

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Top 5 Family-friendly Destination for Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation
Top 5 Family-friendly Destinations For Summer Vacation 4

#1. Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando in Florida is an attractive destination for family tourists. In what ways can it justify being classified as a family attraction?

In my opinion, Orlando is famous for its theme parks, which are by far the top attraction. There are famous parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Families can enjoy riding on the rides, watching shows or even meeting their favourite characters.

I believe these attractions are perfect for all members of the family, no matter how old you are. Adults who visit such a place feel like big kids.

Orlando's attractions apart from theme parks are also plentiful to attract family. Such as the outdoor activities that located at the water park as a relief on hot temperature or learning new things at the museum.

There are hotels of every level of cost, from super luxurious to very affordable. As for restaurants, Orlando never lacks a great place to eat because there are numerous restaurants out there. You'll never get hungry there.

When one combines all the fun of visiting Orlando and the huge range of cost-effective things to see and do, it is easy to see why it is a top destination for families.

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#2. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun in Mexico is a good place to spend holyday with the family. One of the good features of the Cancun is the beauty of the Pontiac.

Another thing that makes Cancun a good destination to spend a holiday is that there are a lot of hotels. These hotels offer a lot of things.

There are some with poles, others with clubs for children, and more with other types of entertainment for children there are country all age played.

But aside from just relaxing, there is a lot of activities to do and fun to have in Cancun. Families can start with snorkel in the ocean, they can swim with dolphins and they can also visit the Mayan palace. You will be amazed by all the ancient ruins.

There is also so many cool restaurants in town where you can taste the best Mexican food. Overall, Cancun is a great place in to go for families.

They can have fun time doing activities and relaxing on the beach. The amazing lush weathers contributes to a relaxing and fun family vacation.

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#3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona in Spain is one of the best cities in the world for families. Particularly the architecture is the feature of Barcelona that strikes me.

There are numbers of beautiful buildings in the city designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí , such as Sagrada Familia church and Park Güell.

These advertisement buildings are very peculiar and interesting to see. Moreover, Barcelona abounds in park and gardens that are suitable for families to tranquilise and refresh themselves.

One of the most famous parks in the city is Park Güell, in which there are admirable gardens and wonderful vistas of the city. Another two important feature of Barcelona that are worth visiting are its museums and attraction.

Barcelona Zoo is a nice place to go and you can do there, so as the CosmoCaixa science museum, which is equally interesting. As for gastronomy, there is a huge variety of food you can taste in Barcelona.

Of course, there are some consecrated Spanish food officers you can try.

As a conclusion, Barcelona is a nice destination due to its architecture, parks and the variety of places that can be visited with families. So feel free and go there!

#4. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the best destination for families because it has the most popular tourist attractions sites. One of the most popular tourist attractions sites in Sydney is the Sydney opera house.

This is a beautiful building that host concerts and recitals. It is also one of the most amazing building in Australia. Families tour the opera house to learn about its history.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the main tourist attractions in Sydney. Families may climb to the top of the bridge and get a great view of Sydney city from up there.

Besides beaches, Sydney has a lot of parks and gardens where families can picnic or go for a walk. For example, the world-famous Bondi Beach is a popular destination for families who enjoy swimming, surfing and sunbathing.

One of my favourite things about Sidney is its wildlife, as a family we can go to Todang-ga zo to see any animals we wanted like kangaroos, koalas and also platypus.

Overall Sidney can be a great family destination for a holiday because it has some of the most beautiful viewing place, heaps of activities for fun and to learn about the Australia culture and wildlife.

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#5. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is town with lot of fun facts for families. One of which is our famous theme parks. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are located in Tokyo and our most famous fun facts about the town. Families can ride, watch shows, and meet their favorite Disney character.

Meanwhile, Tokyo also offers many other attractions for families apart from theme parks.

The city is full of museums that are suitable for family visits, such as the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the Tokyo National Museum, where families can learn about Japanese history and culture.

Also, many lovely parks like Ueno Park and Yoyogi Park in Tokyo are great places for families to find peace of mind and observe nature easily.

Another fun option is to walk the neighbourhoods such as Shibuya and Harajuku for unusual shops, interesting food, and colourful graffiti.

Overall, I believe Tokyo is a good destination for any age family because it offers enough fun activities, learning experiences, and opportunities to learn about the Japanese culture.

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