Travelling Alone

can be scary at first, but it's also likely to be your most rewarding experience. As most people would say, travelling without a companion is a process of discovery both of the world and of the traveller.

There are lots of advantage to Travelling Alone. For instance, a trip planned without an itinerary is a blank canvas that allows the person travelling to follow their own timetable, their own personal rhythm, and to form memories based on their the most out of travelling alone, and to make sure that you return with more than simply a tan.

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How to Have Fun while Travelling Alone

Travelling Alone
Travelling Alone: How To Have Fun By Yourself 4

Adopt Independence

Perhaps the most crucial thing one benefits from doing solo is the ability to be truly independent. You get to choose your itinerary, travel whenever, wherever you want, free from having to bargain with anyone about what to do or not do next.

Whether it's rising at 3am to witness a sunrise, or extending your stay in a picturesque town you perhaps ran across, every decision is yours to make. This ability to be totally independent can be quite empowering. If you can do this, everything else is gravy.

 It might be nerve-wracking to navigate places you've never been on your own, and it's natural to feel a little scared of the unknown. But that's part of the beauty of travelling alone – you're gaining confidence and overcoming obstacles in real time.

Soon enough, you'll marvel at the fact that you are capable of accomplishing great things; that you are capable of surviving.

Travelling alone will inundate your mind with countless new experiences, and as you navigate your way through different cities, chat with locals, overcome firearms and the like.

You will develop a sense of confidence and independence that will undoubtedly extend beyond your travels and into your everyday life.

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Connect With Locals And Fellow Travelers

 The chance to meet people from all over the world is one of the best parts of travelling by yourself; you will be more inclined to find conversation and connect with other locals and fellow travellers simply because there won't be anyone watching your back.

Stop to talk to strangers in cafés over a drink or a meal, sign up for a group tour so you have people to talk to along the way, attend community events so you can talk to locals and understand what makes a place tick. These are just some ideas.

You'll learn more about the culture, customs and ‘real' places in your destination from meeting locals in shops, restaurants or bars than you will reading all the guidebooks and travel blogs combined.

They will be happy to tell you about the bakery that serves the best croissants or guide you to the secluded beach that is always empty. Of course, you'll meet other travellers too and, if you're open to it and brave enough, you might make some new friends along the way.

Over the years, I've made friends with people in hostels, cafés, and even began travelling with someone I met while sitting next to him on an airplane.

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Welcome Spontaneity

A further benefit of being a solo traveller is that, by definition, you have no one who might constrain your urge to be frivolous, spontaneous or impulsive.

There is no need to ask whether someone else would be interested in your proposed whim, would be ready or would want to come with you. Fine, have a spontaneous afternoon, but don't waste lunch without eating.

Keep free to experience the unexpected, the epiphanies brought on by surprise. And so you let serendipity lead or leap into your itinerary.

The most memorable moments of travel may happen unscripted, when walking too far down a side street or past just one more turn. The city that never sleeps can awaken in ways as surprising as the rural backwater that beckons from a late-night bus.

Explore At Your Own Pace

 Perhaps the most rewarding element of travellling alone is the freedom to tailor your itinerary without feeling constrained. If you fancy spending three luxurious hours over breakfast at a sidewalk cafe, you can do so with no need to rush.

Or maybe the notion of perusing an art museum for hours on end intrigues you; in this case, go for it. Sinatra sang about travelling on the ‘loneliest road in ' yet travelling alone doesn't have to be a lonely experience. In fact, it has its own strange compensations.

Practice Self-care

When you travel alone, it affords you the space and time to reflect, explore and challenge yourself, but that same kind attention must also be directed towards your mind, body and spirit. Nourish them.

Take time to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect in ways that renew your energies so your spirit can sing throughout your solitary voyage.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Travelling solo allows you to test your limits and get out of your comfort zone more than you ever thought, or even hoped, possible.

For example, you can overcome your fear of heights by signing up for a skydive over a picture-perfect landscape or quit pretending you're a MasterChef during a cooking class taught entirely in a language you don't understand.

Capture The Moment

A one-person trip will give you the opportunity to practice your photography and creating the images from the point of view of the person who once gave you haircuts.

Take pictures of buildings, the sea, a mountain. Whatever you choose, take photos and preserve the memories for an eternity.

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There you have it, some interesting tips to travelling alone that you should take into consideration during your next travel plans.

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