Top Solo Travel Destinations

Are you looking for the best Solo Destinations? You are in the right place. Solo trip is a great way to travel due to the exhilaration of freedom and self-discovery.

A successful solo trip requires a suitable destination, as below we will discuss our top choices for destinations. In terms of safety, culture, activities, and attractions, white spots are around for your solo trip.

Big countries such as Canada, Peru, and Indonesia with rich combinations of cultures, mountains, and wonderful landscapes.

Canada is actually called a white spot due to massive snowfall.

The reason why these destinations achieved success for solo trips over the years is that they have all the aspects that solo travel requires: safety, welcome, cultural richness, natural beauty, and diverse activities.

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Top Solo Travel Destinations You Should Consider

Top Solo Travel Destinations
Top Solo Travel Destinations 4

#1. Canada (Nature's Playground)

Solo travelers, in particular, who partake of Canada's amazing outdoor life are gently nudged into becoming outdoor adventurers.

The landscape is massive and diverse, so you should have few problems finding a place you like. There are plenty of wild tundra, lush rainforests, rugged mountain ranges, and, of course, coastal beach towns.

Canadians are, for the most part, helpful and friendly, so you'll find yourself feeling welcome pretty much anywhere in the country.

If you're from another Commonwealth country, then you'll find getting both your backpack and yourself into Canada incredibly easy, to the point that you might end up staying.

Winters can be brutal but that means you'll have the chance to spend your summers kayaking down clear rivers, and your winters carving up mountains.

For lovers of big cities, culture, mega malls, and chain restaurants, there's plenty of that to keep you satisfied. Canadians also do rustic superior, so there are a ton of places where you can escape and get completely lost in nature.

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#2. England (A Safe And Modern European Destination)

England is probably the easiest country in Europe to visit by yourself – especially if you're traveling alone for the first time. It's both a safe and very modern country, so getting around is no problem.

Everyone speaks English and there's no real need to learn French, German, or Italian for your trip. Especially if you never left the UK before, London can't be missing from your itinerary.

Sightseeing there is an absolute must for visitors, but don't stop here – England has plenty more to offer, including historic cities like Cambridge and Bath, or London's coastal neighbor, Cornwall, whose rugged coastline will make you forget that you're just inside Europe.

England is probably the perfect place to start your solo travels in Europe.

#3. Netherlands (A Liberal And Welcoming Atmosphere)

The Dutch are incredibly laid back and this country lives and breathes liberal social values. A solo traveler of virtually any age, nationality, née, gender, or sexuality is sure to feel welcome here.

It is without any doubt one of the world's most popular havens for solo travellers. This is probably why Amsterdam is so great for spending time alone. Spending a few days cycling around the metropolis on two wheels is fantastic.

It's quite possibly one of the best cities in Europe to wander around on your own for hours at a time, exploring the canal-lined streets, stopping into cozy cafes for coffee and stroopwafels, or browsing through the local market stalls.

The hostel scene is also excellent, meaning that you should have no trouble meeting travelers to dazzle the night with at some of Amsterdam's infamous nightclubs and party districts.

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#4. Thailand (The Backpacker's Paradise)

Suppose you're planning an extended trip in your early twenties. In that case, Thailand is one of the top destinations for backpackers, making it an ideal solo holiday, too – it's cheap, easy to get around, and has so much variation to keep you happy.

Are you a city lover? Bangkok. High-energy streets, significant temples, and even bigger fun.

Are you a temple-goer? Those for whom cities can become tiresome find zen in northern towns such as Chiang Mai. And when all else fails, head south for a beach.

Anyone who has spent time in the southern islands of Thailand will tell you that they were made for Pai-style trance backpackers. Rent a motorbike and wind through canyons, or hang out in a bookstore with a cup of chai.

#5. Nepal (Embrace Cultural Diversity And Hospitality)

Nepal is an amiable country (all people from different faiths get along here very well). Traveling alone here is one of the safest (if not the safest) places you can visit.

There is a village at sea level called Pokhara that you can get to in 1-2 hours from here. It's a lakeside village with a birthplace of Buddha, yoga spots, and other solo travelers like themselves.

Suppose you are looking for a place to go without worrying.

In that case, Nepal has it all, from the highest mountain range in the world (the mighty Himalayas) to a diversity of culture, and, most importantly, it's an occasion where you would say to yourself that you appreciative country and you definitely won't want to leave.

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#6. Sri Lanka (Asia's Hidden Gem)

A forgotten gem of a destination in Asia, Sri Lanka is one of the friendliest and easiest countries to travel alone.

As a Buddhist country, the locals are very open and have plenty of things to do – from surfing crystal-clear waters and lying on pristine white-sand beaches to exploring the untouched hill country – but they rarely see visitors traveling solo.

By the time you've left Sri Lanka, you'll have seen some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

#7. Australia (Explore The Land Down Under)

Australia might be the most accessible country for a solo traveler to visit, especially with the ease of the working holiday visa.

Whether you travel the East Coast, stop to snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef, surf in Byron Bay, or visit coastal cities along the Great Ocean Road, you can experience another culture and take in wide-ranging landscapes.

Australia's route is backpacker-friendly, meaning there's no shortage of new companions to acquire along the way.

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#8. Peru (A Cultural And Adventure Hub In South America)

Peru is a colorful and lively country with a robust backpacker circuit. There is a great community, and this is an easy place to meet new people and experience the country's culture: visit the Amazon Rainforest, hike the Inca Trail, and explore the cities.

If you compare Peru to other destinations, it is not the most safety-orientated, but generally speaking, tourist areas are safe in Peru. With a glimpse of Spanish and common sense, Peru's solo experience is bound to be unforgettable.

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