A Foodie’s Guide To Culinary Adventures Around The World | Different Gastronomic Experiences

Let's talk about as a foodie, traveling around the world. Journey around the world on a gastronomic trip with our pick of the best places to visit for food lovers.

Take your tastebuds to Asia, where the flavors are bold and the bowls of soup overspilling with fresh ingredients. Then to Europe and the Middle East, where traditional and modern dishes sit side by side, rich with history but making use of seasonal local produce.

Experience the best dishes, visit the most vibrant markets, and cook your way through some locations with our pick of cooking schools and online classes.

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Culinary Adventures Guide Around the World

Culinary Adventures
A Foodie’s Guide To Culinary Adventures Around The World | Different Gastronomic Experiences 2


The continent of Asia has some of the world's best food. In Japan, sushi, a combination of rice and raw fish, is a classic cuisine. Ramen is also good – noodles in a rich broth. Whereas, the spicy curries of Thailand are complemented by coconut milk and exotic spices.

In Thailand, fresh raw dishes such as ‘som tam' (green papaya salad) are always yummy.

Some other street food exists in Thailand as well, known for Pad Thai and mango sticky rice. In India, there is some biryani, a delicious meat or vegetable spiced on rice, and masala dosa, a crunchy crepe filled with spicy potatoes.

Asian food will present you with new palates and new cooking traditions that will enlighten both your taste buds and your spirit.

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European cookery is really diverse as each country has its own typical dishes. I just want to shortlist the example that Italy itself hasn't got just one dish.

Their paster is the most famous one, but has so many variations, and is in general served with more or less creamy or tomato sauces -maybe with meat.

Also, they like, apart from pasta, to eat pizza, a slice of yeast with grated cheese on top, some tomatoes, and other random toppings like salami, chicken, and tuna.

France is known for being even more cheese-obsessed than Italy, but also for their croissants, even if they come from Austria.

Tapas, the small plates served throughout Spain, are great for sharing – as is the rice dish called paella. German fare means bratwurst, or other sausages, and pretzels, soft bread twists dusted with salt. The tastes of Europe will take you around some of the world's best foods.

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Middle East

The Middle East is famous for its spicy and sweet cooking. In Turkey, foodies are keen on kebabs and baklava, a sweet pastry, made of filo dough, nuts, and honey, grilled on a skewer.

Lebanon is well known for its mezes, which are the small dishes served as starters, as well as kibbeh, a bulgur wheat and ground meat dish.

Israel is the land of fresh, crunchy salads: think of parsley, tomatoey, bulgur-wheat tabbouleh.

The desserts of the UAE include kunafa: a glistening pastry layered with cheese and nuts, as well as L-k-n-f-a. Lea-ka-ma. Luqaimat: those little fried balls of dough, doused in syrup. Middle Eastern food will surprise you with big flavors and sweet treats.

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We've all heard (and been told) about the diversity of Africa's landscapes, but we often overlook the diversity in its cuisines.

To me, each country on the continent not only offers a different gastronomic experience, but dishes from each country can often reflect its culinary heritage.

Morocco is considered by many as the hub of North African cuisine. Its cuisine boasts exotic dishes such as tagine, couscous, and mint tea.

South Africa's tastes are a ‘melting pot', so it's difficult to pinpoint ‘its' cuisine.

However, its most celebrated dishes have become popular in other parts of the world, and through them, we may get some appreciation for the country's foodways: barbecuing, called braai, the traditional dish, bobotie, and boerewors.

In Ethiopia, one is told their cuisine is ‘a spice explosion', and dishes such as injera with doro wat and kitfo illustrate this.   In every case, discovering Africa's culinary diversity is about wandering through time and culture.

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South America

When it comes to cuisine lovers, South is undoubtedly a paradise for gastronomes. In Peru, I could eat ceviche, lomo saltado, and all sorts of amazing aji dishes, to the point that almost each and every food and beverage become enshrined in food heritage.

Brazilian cuisines are too many to mention. Whether it is feijoada, moqueca, pão de queijo, or acarajé, all delicacies are testimonies to Brazil's multicultural background.

Steak, empanadas, and dulce de leche – these words set Argentinian's mouth salivating at every utterance. Argentina would surely be a paradise for foodies.

Even without having visited South America, I can assure you that everyone's choice would be different from one another's. In other words, exploring South America's cuisines is certainly a process of discovery.

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North America

North America has pretty much anything you could want when it comes to dinner. Take the United States where barbecue, burgers, and fried chicken have contributed to a major cooking trend in the world.

Mexican cuisine is a flavor dance in your mouth. There are chicken tacos, beef tamales, and mole enchiladas.

Canadian cuisine is a mix in your mouth with the traditional poutine, butter tarts, and Nanaimo bars. Let us take a gastronomic trip to North America, a quiet area but with a huge salsa in your mouth.

Playing tourists with food around the world is an adventure with no bounds.

Whether indulging in the gastronomic delights of Asia, the fine dining of Europe, or the Middle East, each culinary adventure is a taste of it all, as diverse as it is exotic. From a street stall in Thailand to a restaurant in France or a traditional feast in Morocco, you can never go wrong.

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